Things That Have Had my Attention This Week

I’m still working on the Enchiridion, and digging through all my notebooks is making me want to do some actual writing. Of course, since I’m bouncing from project to project as I come across notes (they’re seriously scattered all over the place), I still want to write all the things at once and can’t decide where to start. So I’m pretty much where I started. :p


I have apparently found a thing I’m pretty good at making, though I haven’t started really experimenting with it yet. I’ve made this chili about four or five times just in the last few weeks, and it’s been a hit every time. I got this recipe from a coworker and spruced it up just a little. It comes out really tasty and isn’t terribly expensive to make. I think including the beef, it’s usually around $15 or less, and these numbers make about 10qts of chili (it fills my little crockpot to the brim).

Dream zombies

Okay, picture this:

Brain-eating zombies. But brain-eating zombies that only eat the brains of people who are asleep. Because zombies can’t dream. They have to get dreams from other people.

It would appear David Bowie has left us. Presumably to return to the courts of his fae brethren. Hail the returning Oberon! #RIP