Darkness, Light, and Shade

Braindumping some deity concepts that’ve been rattling around in my head for many years. I like the turnaround of Light being the destructive force and Shadow the protective, and Darkness/the void just churning away in the background, all powerful but uncaring and/or unthinking, like sentient mathematics. Could be fun for a game setting, or maybe some kind of story backdrop.

  • Darkness – The primordial deity of the void, which existed before all things, and will remain after all things. Non-communicative; some theologies say that Darkness is too vast, and Creation too small to warrant notice; some say Darkness is an infinite machine that churns away, oblivious to all it produces.
  • Light – A mad deity or godlike being, first child of the void, whose omniscience and power extends anywhere its light touches. Hates anything that blocks its light, thus diminishing its power. Works in all ways against Creation and the blocking of its light.
  • Shade – Second-born of the void, child and lover of Creation, Shade exists wherever Creation’s multitudes stand against the light. Shade cannot exist in Creation’s absence.