Things That Have Had My Attention This Week

I’m stealing a page from K.M. Weiland‘s book since my attention tends to jump all over the place. It’ll be interesting to look back at the end of the year and see what stuff grabbed me the most.


Flight Rising – Dragons, dragons, dragons! This one’s pretty well a constant. It seems like the big, two-week end-of-year event has only just ended and the year’s first holiday is already rapidly approaching! I’ve backed off my active play time a good bit to avoid post-Night of the Nocturne burnout, but I’m still working steadily on a geneing & lore project for my new Noc hatchlings. My four current ones now have their primaries! Now to save forever for their secondaries and tertiaries (butterfly and glimmer, respectively). Hopefully it’ll go faster with subsequent hatchlings (which will be hatched on holidays or special occasions) since there’ll only be one each time (I got a little buy-happy right after NotN :p).

Also finally fleshed out Naieda’s description — she’s my one-time-only un-exalt and I wanted to do something fun with her. Of course, now I’m also pondering a switch to Arcane flight. >.>


Sleeping Dragons Lie – The most recent writing project added to my backlog of unfinished stuff (see below). It’s a reimagining of Sleeping Beauty where the princess is the dragon, cursed to sleep to save the kingdom. Baen Books has a short fantasy writing contest open for entries until March 1, and I want to try and finish this one (8000 words+editing in 10 weeks sounds doable, right?) for submission.


The Enchiridion – In…July? maybe June last year, I started work on a project bible where I could gather and organize all my writing and notes. It’s still very much a work in progress, especially as I did a flurry of work on it for a month or two then set it down until just recently.

It currently resides in a local install of WordPress on my tablet, but I’m considering putting it online under lock and key to share with friends who might be interested. Because, as I said on Twitter, with all these things in my head, it feels like I’ll never finish anything and get to share it, so why not just share anyway (but locked, in case by some miracle in case I actually do manage to finish something :p).

There’s already a lot of stuff in it: notes, brainstorming, random ideas, bits and pieces of works in progress, and a handful of short finished pieces. And now I’ve got a notes for a handful of new or previously-undigitized projects to add to it. On top of all the other notebooks and junk that need to be consolidated.

Web Stuff

Working on child theme. I think I spent all of last weekend just working on the asides. Nothing new there, really. I generally end up getting distracted, or losing interest in messing with WordPress or site design and have to refresh my memory when I pick it up again months later, plus whatever fun new tricks have debuted since my last foray into html/css. And so it goes. But I spent Christmas money on a new site/domain, and have resolved that it will not be money wasted. The goal is to keep the theme tweaking as minimal as possible so I have more brainspace for actually using the blog. 🙂


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