Things That Have Had my Attention This Week

I’m still working on the Enchiridion, and digging through all my notebooks is making me want to do some actual writing. Of course, since I’m bouncing from project to project as I come across notes (they’re seriously scattered all over the place), I still want to write all the things at once and can’t decide where to start. So I’m pretty much where I started. :p

I’m also looking at ways to transfer it from the local WordPress installation I’m running it on to a live (locked) website. Found something that might work if I can figure out how to use it.

Been thinking about the two tabletop games I want to try my hand at running this year. An arena-type thing next winter (it’s a thematic thing), and something relatively light and fun before then. Those ideas will get their own entry soon. Of course, I’ve never done any real DMing, so I’m a little nervous to start, but I’ve put it off long enough I think. This is the year.

Speaking of games, I’ve had a new phone-game obsession lately: Infinite Loop. It’s very simple, quick, and surprisingly easy to fall into since you go seamlessly from one puzzle to the next.

Work‘s been pretty crazy-making this week (2nd shift at a print marketing firm running a digital press), with lots of super fast turnaround jobs on top of press problems that have taken pretty much the entire week. They’ve also clamped down on overtime, so there’s that too. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend.

Oh! And I got my W2, so I filed my tax returns yesterday. Getting a decent little chunk of change back, most of which will go to bills. But imma treat myself to something small at least. Not sure what yet. I’ve got a little bit to think about it, so we’ll see. 🙂