Character Vignette: Hollis

This was originally intended to be more focused on Yelejna and the actual getaway, but ended up being all about Hollis and her father, with glimpses of how they each feel about her. I’ve already got another short piece in mind that follows this one where we’ll get to see how Yelejna and Hollis interact. I’d like to do some exploring of the Dowager AI, and the planetside characters that will be playing major roles, and I still feel like I need to come up with maybe one or two more ship’s crew, but so far inspiration is less than sparky.

Character Vignette: Ferdie

Doing work-ups for NaNoWriMo, which, in an ongoing lapse in sanity, I’ve decided to try again. At least it was enough in advance that I can get some thorough prep in; and I have a partner in crime this year! This is a character development exercise, a brief scene where we meet the ship’s engineer, and see a little of what he gets up to when at his leisure.