Shadow Car

Okay, picture this: It’s full dark, and you’re driving down the highway. It’s the tail end of rush hour, so traffic’s still a little heavy, but moving at a good clip, even w/ the drizzle that’s been going all day. You’re alone for a moment, cruising along in a gap in the crowd, and suddenly a shadow moves in the fast lane at the corner of your vision. You glance over and see what appears to be ghostly headlights attached to…nothing. And then the hovering red circles of taillights as the vehicle moves past.

It looks strange, and you realize it’s because, even w/ all the ambient light from other cars and streetlights, it doesn’t reflect any of it. Not the body, or the windows, or any bits of metal adornment. It’s just a hulking mass of darkness & crimson light as it rolls casually off into the the night, disappearing into the traffic & the rain.

Now, you tell me: When’s the last time YOU were pretty sure you’d momentarily become an npc in someone’s sci-fi/action game?