Dream zombies

Okay, picture this:

Brain-eating zombies. But brain-eating zombies that only eat the brains of people who are asleep. Because zombies can’t dream. They have to get dreams from other people.

It would appear David Bowie has left us. Presumably to return to the courts of his fae brethren. Hail the returning Oberon! #RIP

An Ode to (the) BOB


If you’ve ever gamed with me, you’ve likely been introduced to the Big Orange Book of Gaming Doom. It is the tome that tells the tale of my gaming history for pretty much my entire adult life, and even holds some remnants of my first forays into MERP in high school (I still have my original character sheet, Eric 🙂 ). When I’m tabletopping, it goes with me. Yes, the whole thing. Yes, every time.

Vignette: Jeep Hate Sidhe Music

Damn the Sidhe, and damn their blasted song that brought faces from her past swinging violently to front and center. Brother and sisters at arms, the ones lost to war, and the ones left behind to pick up the pieces after; enemies who shouldn’t have been enemies; enemies who should never have been allowed to stand as long as they did; wars fought for noble causes, and wars fought for no reason. The decades slid past her mind’s eye, slowing only as they reached the beginning of her second life.

Livestream Story: All Sales Are Final*

MCA Hogarth does these great art livestream things every so often. It so happened that a couple sessions ago the chatter in the accompanying chat room made my brain esplode with the inspirations, and over the next few days, I ended up writing about ~3500 words of a short story. Unfortunately, I got all the way to the last scene and have since been stumped by the ending. But I said I'd share with everyone so they could see the monster they'd created (did I mention that this story had spawned an entire setting of its own in my head within a day of my starting to write it? >.>).

Information Sickness, Oct 27-Nov 17

This is the first aggregated update of my 365 Sentences project “Information sickness”, wherein I write a story over the course of a year, one sentence a day. Following this entry, collected updates will be posted weekly (or as close to weekly as I can manager or remember to do). If you prefer, you can read along daily as the story progresses. This update covers the days of October 27 to November 17, 2011.