Magnetic Poetry

I <3 magnetic poetry. It was one of the first things I got for my previous apartment (the very first I ever had on my own) to make it feel like home. It was only the basic set, so a lot of times I ended up snipping words into bits to make words I didn’t have. I actually kept a dictionary and thesaurus on top of the fridge, and a notebook so I could record poems as they were created. Just felt like sharing 🙂

8/16: #1
they may ask
and we will tell them
how we were drunk on milk and honey
and the smell of storms
   and love made well

8/28: #2
light falls languid in the garden there
as though a star
grown weary of shining
had stopped for a time
and left its sleepy glow behind

8/30: #4 (prefixed to #3)
the language betrays us
8/29: #3
our hearts
at the thought

9/10: #5
anger in shadow
why does it always sleep
never showing us its eyes

9/20: #6
   she smiled
and he fell

10/10: #7
what the hell
am I going to use
words like
apparatus and incubate

bad horror poetry[?]

11/1: #8
and whispered words
   will change
      their paths
in ways they never dreamed

11/12: #9
she lives in a world
rich with beauty and delicate things
11/13: #10 (suffixed to #9)
fearing she will break them

12/15: #11
silly boy
   your elaborate tricks
   will do you no good

3/2: #12
in love
and in light
there lies the key

I think the first one will always be my favorite 🙂